Nick Crockett

Future Forestry Game

Computer game, in progress
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Background & historical research
  • sci-fi and literary inspirations
  • contemporary forestry and logging practices
  • indigenous history in northern california
  • reached out to Nisenan tribe spokeswoman - was enthusiastic about the project but it’s still early for collaboration
  • ecology of Sierra Nevada & the foothills

Games Research:
  • social simulation games
  • strategy games
  • walking sims and character action games that foreground the player/character’s relationship to nature
  • Alenda Y. Chang Playing Nature: Ecology in Video Games

  • Collecting references for electric vehicles and green tech - art direction etc
  • vehicle design in general


  • Spent a lot of time iterating on the look of the characters - wanted at first to continue photogrammetry for everything but this project has really different demands than Fire Underground.
  • Spent a lot of time iterating on trees and plants - learning how to set up trees and plants so that leaves appear properly lit and they are semi-efficient at scale.

I have been doing a series of prototypes to work out core game features.
  • NPC coworkers who help you with tasks
  • planning and executing work projects like building trails, clearing brush, limbing trees
  • pathfinding
  • animation
  • system for queueing up and negating actions
  • traversal of the landscape with the player character
  • game of life type systems for plant growth