2021 (ongoing, not the final title, etc...)

I am working on a new game about living in the woods in the future. The game design approximates modern forest management techniques, as well as some of the hunting, foraging, and land management practices of the Nisenan people indigenous to the foothills of the Northern Sierra Nevada and Central Valley. I think of the game as a portrait of the woods I grew up in and have recently returned to as an adult during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am using a mix of hand-painted textures, 3D-scanned small sculpture, and traditional 3D modeling and animation in blender. The textures for most foliage are painted outside, en pleine air, and then processed in photoshop to help tile properly

My goal is to represent nature as a living system, which the human characters are a part of.  Here are some simple rules for plant growth based on shade and water over the course of a couple of in-game years. I’m not sure yet what the final timescale will be. In nature cedar trees like these grow over hundreds of years, but I don’t want to make players wait that long!

The sun, stars, and moon move in a semi-accurate way throughout the day and year: