Nick Crockett

I’m a game artist, programmer, designer, and teacher currently living in Los Angeles, CA. I grew up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, and lived in Pittsburgh, PA for a few years.

  • I started Understory Games with my partner Julia Wang, and together we are making a new game about California Forestry in the future, called Cinder Ridge.
  • I made a feature length animation about coal mining and dinosaurs called Fire Underground.
  • I have worked for many years with Eddo Stern on his game / performance / installation piece Vietnam Romance.
  • Besides that, I have made many small, strange games that have been exhibited in festivals, pop ups, and galleries.
  • I teach classes about 3D modeling, animation, game development, and more.

I am a long time associate of the UCLA Game Lab, and have done numerous exhibitions, workshops, and other events with them.

I have a couple of things available for download on I occasionally post images of things I’m up to on Instagram. For now I am not active on most other social media.

  • Email me at nickjcrockett[at]
  • Download my CV here.

You can see some of my work here.