mobile game, custom housing, ipad mini

TAP OUT SAGA is a two player game built for tablets, which transforms on-screen cartoon violence into an intimate, playful, and fully embodied encounter with another player. A simple and ambiguous set of rules (tap to punch, don’t get punched) encourages improvisational play, where players must negotiate social, strategic, and physical interaction with one another.

The game features a variety of characters with unique abilities.  For most characters, tapping and holding activates a special attack which leverages different affordances of the tablet, changing the game dramatically. For instance, one fighter dressed as a giant boulder tucks his arms into  his suit and rolls based on the orientation of the device. This maneuver can deal massive damage, but also presents the risk of a quick defeat: if the Boulder’s opponent is able to win control of the device, they can roll the him backwards off the stage, defeating him in an instant. Another fighter, a vampire bat, can latch on to her opponent and tap rapidly to drink blood and heal. The victim of this attack must shake the tablet vigorously to free themselves from the bat’s grasp.