How to Export a Unitypackage

Every day, you are REQUIRED to submit a unitypackage of your entire project via the student portal. This is the best way we have to make sure everyone is caught up in class.

1. Save the scene you are working in

2. Navigate to Assets > Export Package...

3. Include everything in your package

Make sure all scripts, scenes, sprites, tiles - EVERYTHING - is included in your package.

Click “All” to ensure everything is included.

Then click “Export” to export the package.

4. Save the file

Make sure you include your name, your group, and what day you are submitting for in the package name!

5. Submit via the student portal

Find the submission form > HERE <

6. Respond to the short questionaire

This helps us get a sense of how everyone is doing! Please help us help you! 

Once you have submitted your work you are DONE FOR THE DAY.