How to Create a New Project

For this class we will need a few extra features in our Unity project. I’ve also prepared a unitypackage with a few sample assets and helpful scripts to get us started. Follow this guide to make sure everything is set up right for our class.

1. Create a New Project

Open Unity hub and select “New”.

2. Set Up Your New Project

Select the 2D project template

Under Project Name enter a name for your project, including your first and last name.

Choose a location on your hard drive for the project

Click “Create”

This will create a new project with a few useful addons for 2D and open the project in unity.

3. Get the Unity Package

Download and unzip the Game Programming unity package.


With your new project open, double click on the package and unity will open the “Import Unity Package” window.

4. Import Assets

Make sure all the boxes are checked in this window, and click “Import”.

5. Open the Sample Scene

You should now see a folder in your project view called “Day1 Package”. Navigate to Day1 Package > Scenes > Level

In the Scene window, you should see a simple pixel art environment.

You’re ready to start!