virtual creature


A simulated creature inspired by skeletal jewelry found in a Venice luxury shop. The Lich extends itself, perpetually extracts more lengths of chain from the terrain. It's body is animated by a real-time physics simulation. As the hand at the bottom feels it's way around, the momentum imparted increases dramatically as it climbs up the chain. Eventually, the chain falls apart, segments of the Lich begin falling to the ground, and the cycle starts over again.

"A Lich exists because of its own desires and the use of powerful and arcane magic. The Lich passes from a state of humanity to a non-human, non-living existence through force of will.

A Lich appears very much as does a wight or mummy, being of skeletal form, eye sockets mere black holes with glowing points of light, and garments most often rotting (but most rich)."

- Gary Gygax, in Advanced D&D Monster Manual (1978)