live action roleplaying game, suit of armor, and chthonic ritual


One player dons the armor to become the CYCLOPS, and must traverse the space and reach a golden flag to survive into the next round. Four other players take on the role of CHAMPIONS, and must use a marker to draw a path from the feet to the head of the CYCLOPS, then stab the eyeball, in order to kill the CYCLOPS and BE A WINNER. The proceedings are overseen by a shouting bespectacled MAN in a suit and tie who introduces the rules in a dramatic monologue from behind a lectern.

Whichever player - CHAMPION or CYCLOPS - wins a round then becomes the CYCLOPS in the next iteration. Whoever wears the armor at the end of the final round receives the CYCLOPEAN BLADE as a trophy.


The Rites are as follows:

O monstrous Cyclops,
your mission is to reach the golden flag
and thus survive into the next iteration.

O four Champions,
your mission is to kill the cyclops
Thus earning the right to take up the sword
and wear the armor in the next iteration.

To kill the creature, each champion must take up one of the banner-markers from the foot-hills of the creature, draw a continuous path from the base of the foot-hills to the crown, and finally plant their banner in the creature's HIDEOUS EYEBALL.

Thus a champion becomes a winner.

There are many paths to victory,
Only ONE can BE THE MAN.