Bonus Challenges: Day 3

These optional challenges build on what we did in class!

Make some original graphics for your game

By the end of the week, you should have original art assets in your game, including environment art, characters, items, and more! Start thinking about the theme of your game and working on a tileset. Refer to the MAKING YOUR GAME LOOK GOOD document for some tips.

Add sound and music to your game

︎︎︎ Tips:
  • Use the AudioSource component to play sound effects. Turn on “Loop” for looping music
  • Use AudioSource.PlayOneShot or AudioSource.Play to trigger sound effects in code
  • Download a sound effect for free from the internet and import it into unity. You can use Mp3s and Wav files among others.
  • Create AudioClip variables to store references to different sound effects. You can use one audiosource to play many different sounds!

Do a bonus challenge from a previous day

Make an NPC that can hurt the player character

︎︎︎ Tips:
  • Use OnCollisionEnter to deal damage
  • See yesterday’s bonus challenges for tips on adding health to the player character
  • create a separate script you can reuse to add damage-dealing to other objects in your game

Make a companion that follows the player character

︎︎︎ Tips:
  • Consider interactions with the companion. Can you pet it? can you feed it? Does it try to protect you from danger?
  • Are there more than one companion in the game? do they behave differently? Do you have to find or rescue companions from danger?

Make an NPC that can stop and talk to the player character

︎︎︎ Tips:
  • Combine one of the NPC types we discussed in class with the signpost system from yesterday’s Bonus Challenges

Make a collectible that evades the player
Such as a butterfly, a rabbit, a healing fairy...

︎︎︎ Tips:
  • Combine the “avoider” NPC type with our treasure system

Make a collectible that is sucked towards the player

Magnetic attraction, gravitational fields, and more! This feature can make it more fun and convenient to collect lots and lots of treasure all at once.

︎︎︎ Tips:
  • Combine the “seeker” NPC type with the treasure
  • Increase speed as distance decreases to emulate gravity or magnetism
  • Use a threshold so the item only moves towards the player if they are close